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Since sex is an ancestral practice as well as one of the most pleasurable human activities, not to mention its procreation function, it is natural the interest that such a common matter like this attracts on people.

And that's what Sexuality Index is here for, to help you find whatever subject you're interested in concerning your sexuality.

This site privileges accurate information and professional opinion on almost everything related to sex, thus the sites it will lead you to were chosen under the strict criterion of reliability these sites have built.

In times like these, when prevention against sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) is something to be praised, sexual information is for sure of great use.

Sexuality Index will link you to sites that cover an immeasurable range of information that concerns people from all ages, gender or sexual orientation and whatever interest they might have concerning sex.

Subjects like masturbation, g-spot, homosexuality, anal sex and others are no taboos and will be presented only in an informative way, never a prejudiced or mystified manner.

Sexuality Index is the ultimate tool to satisfy your interests or doubts about sex.

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